YOUtopia Policy

Leave no Trace

YOUtopia is an official Burning Man regional event. The Burning Man Project requires that all regional events adhere to the Ten Principles in order to maintain regional event status.

One of the Ten Principles is “Leave No Trace.”

The La Jolla Band of Luiseño Indians provide the land on which our event is held. As a matter of maintaining a strong relationship with our hosts, it is imperative that we leave the campground in a condition of cleanliness that far exceeds the condition in which we find it upon arrival.
Working together, we can ensure the integrity of this event for years to come!



Leave No Trace


Matter Out of Place



  1. Bring no glass. Zero. None.
  2. Transfer all food and beverages to plastic containers.
  3. Perform daily MOOP sweeps and/or assign someone in your camp to be in charge of picking up all MOOP.
  4. Pack in and out everything you bring, make, and acquire while at YOUtopia. There are no dumpsters on-site. Any trash receptacles found on YOUtopia grounds are for the staff and tribal use only – please, respectfully refrain from using.
  5. Deposit only bodily fluids and single-ply toilet paper in port-o-potties--nothing else.
  6. Pick up anything not native to the campgrounds.
  7. Bring your own cup or a few reusable ones to share with friends. Many Theme Camps will be offering food or beverages (including alcohol if you’re over 21), but you will need to provide your own cup or dishware in order to be served.
  8. Pack out all grey water, food, compost and garbage. These are MOOP!
  9. Be mindful of costume materials. Don’t bring things that will fall off your clothing, hat, or face. Props including feathers, beads, sequins, and glitter are also MOOP. Test your items to withstand camping, dancing, and environmental exposure.

If you see someone violating this policy, you can help us by gently educating them about the importance of LNT and how they may help with our efforts. If there is a problem with another participant, port-o-potty, or other issue that you witness, please visit the MOOPgicians in Center Camp, or any event Lead Volunteer.


Volunteer with us!


The MOOPgicians (YOUtopia’s Leave No Trace team) needs your help! Come have fun, look great, give a damn about the environment, and snag yourself a bunch of hugs and swag from participants for your efforts. Find the MOOPgicians sign up table at Center Camp (near the café, Disinformation Booth and other centrally located sign up areas). Give a hoot, clean up some MOOP!