As an official regional Burning Man event, YOUtopia and the San Diego Collaborative Arts Project are proud to be able to assist many of the artists who gift their talent and skill to the fair city of YOUtopia, by budgeting up to $90,000 in art grant money to facilitate the presence of the art you can experience and interact with during your stay at YOUtopia. 

The list below reflects some of the art grants awarded in 2017. Please check back to this page for a full listing once the 2018 art grants are finalized. Map locations for all of the art will be updated on this page once the map has been finalized. 

Art A - E

Airbrush Transformation Station

Our art means a lot to our camp, putting people in a festive mood, making them feel even more beautiful, gifting to the community and the smiles we get upon competion of using a human body as a canvas.

Back For the First Time. Reimagination of the Original Monarch Pyramid

This is a special piece to those who have contributed, giving their hard work, energy and love to where Monarch was, and what it has become. This is very much a tribute to everyone’s collaborative efforts from those who built it, danced and enjoyed its beauty. The original pyramid was our main stage, and brought everyone together from the DJ’s that played on the top platform, soaring above- to the dancing people below.

Chrysalis Combustion

The Monarch Metamorphosis Camp is all about transformation and creation. These wings will serve as an entry piece or at least a shining beacon in the darkness to attract attendees like moths. A fusion of organic and inorganic motifs highlighting the fractal nature of reality.

Corporate Babel

“And so it happened that the Trained Unprofessionals found a flat plain in YOUtopia and settled there. And they said “Let us build a weird city and a tower, whose top may raise unto atheist heaven; and let us make it shiny, lest we can’t find our camp at night and are scattered upon the face of the festival.” And so they did, because they feared neither divine retribution nor rolling up their sleeves a little.

Cubicle Maze

This piece is pointed commentary on the corporate world, satirizing the sterile cubicle wastelands of America and revealing the rat race as the never-ending, convoluted maze that it is. However, the piece goes well beyond parody. It will be brimming with small art pieces and Easter eggs, fostering the experience of discovery and exploration of the unknown. Through revealing corporate America as a ridiculous, comical grind, participants will leave with a sense of what it is to be lost and then found, hopefully taking away senses of hope and redemption. We will also be dedicating portions of the piece to a dystopian aesthetic, and other portions to a utopian aesthetic. On top of all this, we will be hosting a “Rat Race,” where participants dress up in haggard rat costumes and “race” (safely) through the maze. All of these elements will combine to create a silly, yet cerebral experience.

Delorean Time Machine

The Delorean Time Machine is a replica of the car from the ‘Back to the Future’ movie. She will have fog, interactive lights, and a real working flux capacitor inside this mock car. It is sure to be the main focal point of our camp and also a chillout spot. She will hold the best seats in the house and bedazzle up our dance floor. She will be all inclusive for everyone, no matter what age you are, to chill-out and see new horizons through space or time. A landmark for friends to come and create new memories and a staple when remembering 2017’s YOUtopian experience.

Elemental Flow Space

We hope to be gifting 24/7 activity throughout the event, as we have a killer sound system and a lineup of many talented local musicians. Each day we will have amplified sound and intend on having one day party and two big night parties featuring DJ sets, live music performances, fire dancing, etc. This year we are placing more emphasis on workshops giving teachers an opportunity to teach their classes on the PA system, so as to better be able to instruct more effectively. We plan to gift beverages/food at our open bar and the Triptych Kitchen. Our camp will feature art installations built to be enjoyed in various ways, be it looking at, lounging in, or climbing on. Additionally, our camp will provide the space—both open (i.e. fire-friendly) and shaded—for our campmates and other community members to perform and/or host workshops and events.

Art F - J

Face and Body Art Creations

My art is an expression of myself as well as the participant’s vision. I feel that when people see my art it uplifts their spirits and reminds them that life is beautiful.


For those viewing this exhibition they will be invited into my world, a fantasy rabbit hole that follows the adventures of The Hare into various funky settings. They'll be able to participate by donning rabbit masks themselves to become a part of my surreality. I will also provide a perfect landscape for them to take their own self portraits to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

Fish Food Bar

I've been to a LOT of burns, and sometimes the lack of really special bars kind of gets to me. If you're going to get shwilly in a basic environment, it feels like you're only there for the booze. If you're in a Seussian fish bowl with drinks that look like mouthwash... it's an experience. You feel? You feel.

The Flowbrary Dojo

Flow arts and fire spinning have long been a crucial component of the festival and Burner commnity. However, they haven't always been very accessible to novices and virgins. The Flowbrary addresses that by providing free, decommodified flow toys of every shape and size for anyone to use.

The Flowbrary Workshop

The Flowbrary will be a beautifully decorated kiosk covered with racks w/ dozens of every type of flow performance tool, so anyone can try any type of flow art while world-class masters come to teach. We'll encourage existing artists to come and share their mastery (as a workshop space), while also challenging them to push their boundaries and experiment with tools and elements outside their comfort zone. We also are excited to feature VJs who can project their artwork onto the shade and interact with the performers and fire artists.

The Garden of Unearthly Delights

Erupting from beneath the surface of the earth comes a cluster of pod-like forms. Each form sits perched atop a stem and cracked open like the shell of a broken egg. Rough, almost jagged on the outside with a texture of stone or gravel. Inside shiny and metallic, reflecting any light trapped within. Five forms in total, each of varying height, resembling a bouquet of flowers. No more than chest high, they create an altar to gather around. When night falls pulsating flames emerge from within, creating a warm rhythmic glow.

The Giant Anteater Art Car

San Diego has an ant problem. How better to deal with it than by getting a giant anteater to eat them all (it’ll eat other undesirables too). Furthermore this project is meant to be the big, high capacity, highly mutated and arted art car that Youtopia and the San Diego community in general has been lacking.

The Giant Jelly

So the idea of the jellyfish is to have a beautiful representation of ocean life and to show that our world is a precious thing. I think that if we highlight the wildlife in the ocean we can spread awareness of the destruction of the environment and that we need to try to be better for the earth….without vomiting out facts and figures.

The Guru

We'll be making a mystical pathway out of found objects, mainly just hanging stuff from trees and putting signs everywhere. At the end of the pathway will be a huge lotus flower with one of our campers sitting inside of it, dressed in shawls and drapes and bangles and maybe with a fruit basket on their head. You will approach the guru and ask them a question - maybe, "Should I do what feels instinctive, or what feels right?". And depending on which Guru you're speaking with, they might say (in a voice of their choosing) "Does a stick fall in the forest?" or "Want a beer?" or "Have you heard about the latest decisions made by the GOP?". Then you will be served tea, depending on whether the current Guru is sober enough to work the teapot, and given a personalized fortune cookie with sage advice such as "You left the stove on".

Hugh Mann 2.0

Hugh Mann is a friendly and lovable giant robot, that can roam around YOUtopia just like last year. This 12 foot tall behemoth brings wonder and joy to all in its path. Creating a fun photo opportunity for some, and a moment of nostalgia in this throwback or homage to 1950's TV style robots. It is a little clumsy and slow moving, and has to stay on flat ground, contrary to it's more agile counterpart: Know Mann! The two could come and frolic in this year's playground separately or together for maximum enjoyment!

The Impromptu Puppet Show

Hopefully speaking through puppets will provide enough anonymity to make performers feel comfortable about being filmed and having their performances broadcast. The Impromptu Puppet Show is a collaborative venture from every angle and incorporates music, painting, sewing, sculpting, carpentry, video-capture and editing, acting/ performing, writing (prompts, short scripts or “fire starters”) and improvisation.

In the Depths

In the Depths is an installation that brings you to the deep ocean floor. Bioluminescent angler fish that are over 3 feet long that are made out of recycled salad bowls, foil and paper mache, a school of jelly fish made out of silicon with their own lights, tubeworms, a giant octopus made out of paper mache, and other sea creatures, all creating their own light in a three dimensional, realistic space, where people can walk amongst them. There will also be a 5' mobile with hanging sea creatures.

Art K - R

Karate Robot

Karate Robot is an interactive and transformational art piece. Empowering everyone who interacts with it. Board breaking and fire? Yes please!

Lodestar Solar Light Station

A mobile and module solar power generator and battery bank built on a platform. High above the platform the "Lodestar", a custom built and ultra bright array of high output LED lights, will illuminate a wide area in a wash of colors.

MADD HATTER Underwater Makeover

When wandering in an "adventure land", Alice and Wonderland was one of the childhood staples.

Mount Whatever

Our camp has a fish themed bar this year, and we were talking about making hydrothermal vents that would shoot fog into the air. We didn't think it'd actually happen but then suddenly we were at Home Depot and things got out of control. We want to make this bar super immersive, so all of our art is going to be lighting up, moving, or making noise. Or all three.


Oriflamme is large, invitingly lit, and capable of shooting programmed fire blasts into the night sky. Besides being beautiful to look at, Oriflamme will also allow onlookers to take over and control the bursts of flame as well as warm themselves on its multiple propane heaters.

The Punkin Lounge

Even Cinderella's fairy godmother started with a pumpkin and some mice.
We're starting with a pumpkin. "Vines" will support the frame and hold 4 exterior gas lamps, inside will be banquette seating for 10-12 people. Think 'I Dream of Jeannie's' bottle decorated with cushions, fabric and LEDs in fall colors.

Art S - Z

Shower Karaoke

This is a bath-themed booth in which to host tiny karaoke parties. Sing from within the safety of a shower! In this dystopian world, small, "familiar" comforts are all we have.

The Shrine of La Santisima Muerte

The Shrine of La Santisima Muerte is a 17-foot tall tiered
structure showcasing our Santisima Muerte sculpture, which is a silver jeweled skeleton with LED butterfly wings. Leading to the Shrine are 6 Feathered Serpent lantern posts. The entire project will be lit by hundreds of LED lights so that it shines bright in the night, drawing in travelers from near and far.


Skatopia is an extension of Burning Man's "Sk8 Kamp". My philosophy is to make art that can also be skated. This creates a community around the art and physical self expression of skating. The ramps are also ideally tweaked, rearranged, and painted by the community.

Subsonic Cuddle Puddle

It must be visually attractive whether in a pleasing fashion or in a disturbing fashion. An 8 foot by 8 foot box that is 2 feet high. the top of which is covered in a thickly padded mattress that resembles a sea sponge that is black light reactive. The sides will light up. The box and mattress will serve as a place to relax and rest. The secret lies inside, 4 speakers will serve as transducers, attached to the underside of the top of the box, that will turn sub bass tones into vibration. The box will receive an audio signal from the Digital Cocoon sound stage. People will be able to hear the music and REALLY FEEL the bass.

Sucker in the Front

Life is sweet, but what could be better than real sweets? I dream of a place, a sweet spot if you will, where you may sit under a lovely tree, grab a fruity lollipop, and browse through the history of candy. I will be reaching through time and channeling a wee bit of Willy Wonka. A cheerful, colorful, ready-to-browse candy counter awaits you in the forest.

Tubeworm Paradise

This is my contribution to Digital Cocoon's 2017 deep sea theme camp. I'd like to invoke feelings of fluidity and motion. I'd also like this piece to represent the beauty and intricacies of life that comes from even the harshest environments.

The Vaudeville Theatre

A 24 foot tall freestanding aerial rig decorated to look like the inside of a 1920's theatre. We will have an awesome hoop structure to serve as the portal back in time to when circus became a popular form of entertainment and there will be some sort of sign to alert festival goers that they are entering the Vaudeville Theatre. There will be stage lighting, velvet curtains, black and white strips to accent and even a giant cane for when we need to pull a terrible act off of the stage...LOL! Of course we will be offering multiple aerial workshops daily and an amazing variety show on Saturday night featuring the Vaudevillians, just to add to the Dystopia theme.

Whisker In Time

This is a two part piece. Part one is a replica of Bill & Ted’s phone booth, part two is an octagonal, futuristic phone booth. Each booth will have a walkie talkie built into the phone apparatus so they are able to communicate with each other. These walkie talkies will also have at least two other walkies on the system, which will be floating somewhere around Monarch camp. People in either booth may communicate with others on this network.

YOUtopia Census 2017 - by the Dada Scientists

We thought it would be cool if there were a census at Youtopia. So we decided to do one.

YOUtopia Family Portrait

A large wood panel is set up on an easel. Making sketches of the art and features of a location or event I make a design. With oil paint I establish the design on the panel. I invite people to participate by bringing their stories and inspiration and posing for the work.