Photo Consent Guidelines


/kənˈsent/ noun

"Permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.”

These guidelines and expectations apply to all participants with a camera, regardless of being on YOUtopia Media Team or not.

It is easy to get caught up in a moment and lose yourself in your composition, but it is important to remember that your subject deserves a say-so in whether or not they are captured. In candid moments, this isn’t always possible, but there is no reason you shouldn’t approach the person or group afterward and show them the photo you’ve taken, and get an ok from them! Photographers sometimes witness emotional moments, romantic connections, compromising / adult situations, and minors at play. These are all things that have to be considered with very special care. If capturing an emotional / romantic / compromising moment, please attempt to get an ok on the photo, while respecting the moment and the privacy of the subjects. Sometimes this means waiting a while, but if you are asked to delete the photo, you must do so immediately.

Do not photograph minors without the permission of their parent or guardian.

When uploading photos to social media or personal websites, make every effort to get explicit consent from your subjects and refrain from tagging people (i.e. allow your subjects to tag themselves).

When in doubt, exercise discretion and refrain from posting photos of people that they would conceivably not want an employer to view – unless you have their explicit consent to do so.

Things to remember as a participant:

  • If at any time you are uncomfortable with someone photographing you, you have the right to ask them to stop and delete the photo. If they do not, find someone with a radio and alert our staff.
  • Some camps have been designated as “No Photo” zones, be respectful of these boundaries or you will be asked to leave.
  • YOUtopia Media Team will be clearly identified with a tag letting you know who they are. Unless you see this tag, they are not part of our team. The photos taken by our team members will be gathered into a collaborative gallery after the event and shared with the community. We will have a separate gallery for members of the community to post their shots of the event!
  • Be aware that there are many folks who bring cameras on-site who are not members of our YOUtopia Media Team, and they may capture your image or record you.