Know the Safety Team!

The Safety Hub is made up of four teams, each with its own set of responsibilities.  But we’re ALL here to keep YOUtopia as safe and enjoyable as possible so never hesitate to ask any of us for help.  If someone else is better suited to the task at hand we’ll contact the right person.


Rangers are participants who volunteer a portion of their time at YOUtopia in service of the safety and well-being of the community. They can be identified by their khaki attire which will be labeled “RANGER”. Rangers are non-confrontational community mediators, providers of reliable information, facilitators of public safety (with the expectation that everybody read the back of their ticket, of course!), and navigators of the edge of chaos.  Day or night, pairs of Rangers can be found walking through the Event, engaging with the community, enjoying the art, and they are always ready to help you sort things out.  We love and respect what they do for us. Please be respectful in your interactions with them.

Fire Safety

Our Fire Safety team makes sure that any use of fire, be it for performance, sculpture, cooking or heating, is done in a safe and considerate way. The Fire Safety team inspects and certifies (or not) IN ADVANCE all fire art and performances on the mountain, and are there to address any fire concerns you may have.  If you plan to use fire in art or cooking, or have a generator or heat source of any kind at YOUtopia you must be familiar with the relevant policies which can be found here:  Fire & Heat Source Policy, Fire Performance Policy, and Generator Policy.


Medical and Harm Reduction

Professional and trained volunteer medical staff is available 24/7 during the Event.  The team can deliver first aid, provide advice and save your life in an emergency!  If you need medical attention and can safely get to Medical HQ (find them in Area 6 on the Map) please do so. In case of a medical emergency, or if you cannot safely get to Medical on your own, flag down a Ranger or Event staff with a radio or send someone to a Safety HQ and Medical will be dispatched to your location.  

Alongside our Medical HQ you will find the Zendo Project and Dance Safe.  They all work as a collaborative team and are present to support Harm Reduction efforts in our community.

The Zendo Project provides a safe space for participants experiencing challenging emotional or psychedelic experiences offering non-judgmental peer counselling and support.  

DanceSafe is a 501(c)(3) public health organization promoting health and safety. They provide harm reduction and peer-based, education designed to reduce drug misuse and empower people to make healthy, informed lifestyle choices. They also distribute educational literature describing the effects and risks associated with the use of various drugs.


Our security staff is a professional team familiar with our Event and culture.  They are here to help maintain the security of the landowner’s and Event’s property and to handle the often unpleasant task of ensuring that the Event is only populated by ticketed participants.  They also have radios and can get the right folks dispatched to your location if you need safety services.  Please be respectful in your interactions with them - they are here to help keep us safe.



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