Fire & Heat Source Policy

YOUtopia is held is during the peak of fire season at a venue which is at high risk for wildfires. It is imperative that all participants take this risk seriously and use fire, heat sources and fuels with caution.  Prevention is essential!  The lives you save could be your own, your friend’s and your community’s.

All use of fire or heat sources (including fire art, propane fire pits, cook stoves and jet-boils, and heaters of any kind) at YOUtopia is subject to appropriate safety considerations including weather, wind strength and direction, and other environmental factors.  

All participants using fire or heat sources MUST have adequate fire suppression equipment on hand and be present until their fire/heat source is extinguished and cold.  


  • Fire pits and other group heat sources (e.g. heat lamps) are allowed only in designated areas, and only with prior authorization of the Fire Safety team (which may be revoked at any time by any Safety department personnel or Event Producer).  
  • All fire pits - regardless of fuel source - must be raised a minimum of 3 inches off the ground and have efficient spark-arresting protection.  
  • Propane is the preferred fuel source for use at YOUtopia.  Additional special permission from the Fire Safety team is required for use of charcoal. WOOD BURNING IN FIRE PITS OR OTHERWISE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • A minimum of 1 fire extinguisher of adequate size and type must be present when any fire pit or heat source (including jet-boils and cook stoves) are in use.
  • Fire pits, cook stoves and heat sources must be attended at all times until they are out and cold.



All Fire-Art (including poofers and other art-based fire effects), whether mobile or stationary, must be inspected and approved by the Fire Safety team prior to use. Failure to submit to inspection or follow the instructions of the Fire Safety team will result in the fire source being shut down for the duration of the Event. Authorization for use of Fire Art may be revoked at any time by any Safety department personnel or Event Producer.   

ALL Fire Art must:

  • Be officially registered with the YOUtopia Fire Safety team and placed by City Planning
  • Have adequate fire suppression materials on hand at all times , and
  • Be attended by a competent, sober adult while lit.

Procedures utilized in enforcement of this policy are described in detail in the Fire Pit/Fire Art/Heat Source Standard Operating Procedures document.