Parking & On-Site Transportation

Parking Passes

All vehicles, with the exception of motorcycles at YOUtopia must have a parking pass. There will be passes for RVs, Car Camping, and lot parking. The pass will help you find your parking spot, and help us find you if we need to. Please leave them visible on the driver-side dashboard/windshield.


An RV is defined as any vehicle, independently or when towing another vehicle or trailer, that is bigger than a van. Information about RV passes here.

There are a limited number of passes available for RV’s or trailers and they are available on a first-come, first-served basis. NO RV PASSES WILL BE SOLD AT THE GATE. If you arrive without an RV pass for your RV, YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY.

In-Camp Parking Passes

Theme camps are issued in-camp parking passes on a case-by-case basis by the City Planning team. You must have an approved and issued pass by City Planning in order to park in your camp. All vehicles staying in the camping areas need to park away from the road, with the interactive areas toward the front of the camp. This is not YOUhide-ee-aa behind your truck-ee-aa, YOUtopia is a highly interactive event, please support YOUtopia on this. Also, the Road Warriorz will be out in force to help you remember. You have been warned. If you do NOT have a special Theme Camp pass that has been given to you by your theme camp to place on your vehicle (if you have an RV, then you must have an RV pass and a Theme Camp pass placed on your vehicle), then you may NOT camp within any of the camping areas around YOUtopia. No Exceptions!!

Car Camping

If you really, reaaaalllly have to have your car inside of the event, you can purchase a Car Camping pass. Car Camping gives you an approximately 10×20 space for your vehicle, your tent, and and your 27 hula hoops. Car Camping passes are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are for designated Car Camping areas only. If you were not issued a Theme Camp parking pass or you did not purchase a Car Camping or RV camping pass, you will be parking in the offsite lot. You may NOT sleep in your vehicle in the offsite parking lot due to security concerns. Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS!


People riding in on motorcycles will be allowed to have their motorcycle in their camp, and will not be required to park their motorcycle in the parking area. Important: your motorcycle must remain in your camp throughout the event.

On-site Transportation


YOUtopia will have shuttles to transport participants from the parking area to the event. During the event, YOUtopia will also provide shuttle service following red, green, blue, and yellow routes, which will be marked around the venue. Shuttles will only stop at designated shuttle stops and are the only places that you can board and exit the shuttles.

Shuttles will only transport people and will not transport gear or supplies into the event (see below for Saturday). Drivers will check wrist bands and those without will not be taken past the Gate or, if within the venue, you will not be allowed to board. There can be no open alcohol containers at any time while riding the shuttles. Drivers may refuse service to ensure the safety of all passengers onboard.

Event Ingress

YOUtopians arriving on Thursday or Friday will have the opportunity to drive in and drop off their belongings. Please make sure that you are out of the road and leave 15 feet of clearance for emergency vehicles when you are unloading your car. You will need to unload your vehicle quickly, and the driver will return to the parking area by exiting through the back gate, within the thirty minutes allotted to you based on the time marked on your windshield. Your time of arrival will be noted on your windshield with window markers and event staff will be monitoring all vehicles on site to ensure that they unload and exit to the parking area within the thirty minutes allotted to them. It is imperative that all participants with unloading indicators on their windshields unload quickly and exit to the parking area. Driving within the event MUST be one way at all times (except Area 7), with return to the upper parking lot going through the back gate.

Theme Camps and Art Placements

Theme Camps and art placements (who *should* be arriving early) will either be assigned in-camp passes (prearranged) or will be allowed one hour to drop off supplies before returning their vehicle back to the parking area. This year Wednesday shuttles will run every hour on the hour from 12:00pm – 8:00pm to bring you back into the event.

Event Shuttle Service

Shuttle service will run 10:00am – 2:00am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Saturday Ingress Shuttle Service

Shuttle lines will operate from 10:00am – 10:00pm and continue to bring drivers back into the event until ingress numbers fall*  and will then be shifted into new shuttle routes that will provide transportation service within the event.  

*Due to much lower participant ingress numbers on Saturday, event participants will be shuttled with their gear to their campsite.


The shuttles will begin transporting drivers back to the parking area on Sunday at 6:00 am and drivers will be permitted to retrieve their vehicles and enter back into the event to pick up gear. Shuttles will ONLY TRANSPORT PEOPLE and will not be used to deliver supplies to the parking area.  Participants will be given one hour and campsites should be completely torn down and packed up prior to returning to the parking area. Remember that YOUtopia is a Leave No Trace event and each campsite is required to pack up all trash and recyclables after the conclusion of the event and take it with you!  Shuttle and vehicular traffic will be following a one way traffic pattern (except for specifically designated areas), both for efficiency and safety.

Keep the Roads Clear

This may be your single most important contribution to public safety. Blocked roads prevent emergency personnel from getting to where they need to be in a fire or medical emergency. The roads at YOUtopia are narrow and in many places can easily become blocked by a single car stopping to chat with a friend or ask for directions.  Please be conscientious. Study the map and get directions at Greeters so you know where you’re going. If you’re in a narrow area do not stop your vehicle. Never, ever, ever leave your vehicle unattended on the side of the road - seriously - don’t ever do this! If you cannot park your car safely, for loading or unloading entirely off the road, keep moving until you can.