Laser Policy

No Handheld or High Powered Lasers:


Handheld lasers are not permitted at YOUtopia.  DO NOT bring them. Period! This policy is in line with nearly all major events and festivals in the U.S. and Europe.


Mounted lasers are only permitted on art pieces, or in Theme Camps if they comply with specific restrictions.  If you have plans to include a laser in your art, art car or Theme Camp you must disclose your plans in detail - including all complete specific details related to the lasers you plan to use in your art grant and/or placement applications.  Relevant applications will be forwarded to the safety team for review and further communication.


Unsafe laser installations will not be permitted to operate at YOUtopia.  If you see a laser you feel is being operated unsafely please contact a Ranger, Security or Safety HQ as soon as possible and report the location of the laser.