Art Cars

Our Transportation team wants to help you cruise around YOUtopia in style. Please read the information below carefully. There are a lot of new exciting additions this year!

Can I drive my vehicle around YOUtopia?

The only vehicles permitted to drive around the event are:

  • Approved Art Cars
  • Shuttles
  • Staff and Emergency Vehicles

Limited RV, Car Camping and Theme Camp Parking Passes will allow a vehicle to remain in the campground (not in general parking), but they must remain parked for the entire event.

What rules apply to driving Art Cars at YOUtopia?

  • 5 mph or less AT ALL TIMES
  • Yield to pedestrians and emergency vehicles
  • The driver must be sober and licensed
  • No open containers within reach of the driver
  • All motorized vehicles must be pre-approved by YOUtopia's DMV
  • In case of an emergency, Art Cars are required to have an appropriate fire extinguisher on board at all times

If you notice a vehicle driving improperly, please report it to a ranger or YOUtopia production crew member.

What special rules apply to Art Cars at YOUtopia?

  • REGISTRATION: Art cars must receive pre-event authorization from the Transportation Department and undergo an on-site inspection to drive on-site during the event.
  • ART GRANTS: Pre-event authorization is required PRIOR to applying for a YOUtopia Art Grant. Art Grant applications will not be reviewed prior to registration.
  • ART: The Art Car must have sufficient decoration such that the vehicle is mobile art (plain golf carts are not a form of artistic expression)
  • SAFETY: Load and unload passengers safely.  Don’t overload your vehicle.  Drive with caution.
  • LIGHTS: Nighttime operation requires radical illumination.  Rear, front, and sides must be lit. All vehicle extremities must be lit. Anywhere someone would walk, step, or climb on the vehicle must be lit (especially stairs and ladders)
  • FIRE: Absolutely NO fire effects on Art Cars due to the high fire risk. You must carry a fire extinguisher on-board.
  • SOUND: Art Cars must keep sound at a reasonable level and turn it down when passing in front of an Anchor Sound Camp so that you are not competing with those camps. Before stopping in front of a camp, make sure that you have talked to the camp leads and are not interrupting their activities or setup. Having sound on an art car is a privilege that may be revoked at any time. Multiple complaints can get your Art Car grounded for the day or the entire event. Please be considerate and act accordingly.
  • PARKING: Art Cars can only park in designated areas. Stopping in unmarked areas is a safety hazard. There must always be 15 feet of clearance on the road for emergency vehicles. Parked Art Cars must not be left unattended except when parked in your spot designated by City Planning.
  • SOBRIETY: All Art Car drivers must be 100% sober while driving through the venue. Those who drive while under the influence are subject to discipline up to and including removal from the event. We take the safety of our participants very seriously and you should as well.
  • ALL ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Scooters, mopeds, electric bikes, personal vehicles, golf carts and anything other than approved Art Cars are not allowed to operate in the venue during the event. If you have questions or need clarity, please email prior to the event.

This year YOUtopia is limiting the amount of approved Art Cars. In order to qualify:


  • Your Art Car must be radically decorated to the point that it is a mobile piece of art. Vehicles not radically decorated will not be approved.
  • Your Art Car must be interactive in the sense that participants are able to ride on it. A cart for you and a few of your camp mates to drive around in DOES NOT qualify as an Art Car.
  • Art Cars will move only on a preset route and cannot be used for personal errands.

Not adhering to the rules, including on site approval from YOUtopia DMV will result in your vehicle being grounded for the event.


Any special advice for Art Cars?

The YOUtopia site presents unique challenges to Art Cars.  It is steep and hilly, with low overhanging trees and branches, large speed bumps, and some sharp turns. Contact the Transportation Department if you are concerned about your vehicle in this environment. Pay special attention to making sure your brakes and engine/transmission can handle the steep terrain.  Very large vehicles will need placement assistance to ensure there is safe parking during the event.  Space is limited so don’t wait till the last minute to ask for large vehicle approval.

Part of the privilege of having an Art Car at YOUtopia is contributing to the event by sharing your art with other participants. While we understand that it is not possible at all times, Art Car owners should make their transportation available to all YOUtopians and give rides to other participants where possible. Art Cars at YOUtopia are intended to be transportation and shuttling for YOUtopians throughout the large venue.

Finally, know that if your vehicle breaks, it is your responsibility. The Transportation Department can help find volunteers to push your car out of the way or find a working phone so that you can call a tow truck, but that is about it.


Please contact the Transportation team.


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