Art Grant Q&A

How will my art be placed on the mountain if I apply for a grant?

City Planning will be placing all granted art based upon the information provided in your art grant application.  Don't need an art grant?  City Planning will help you too! 

Check Out: YOUtopia 2018 Art Placement Application (no grant request) [LINK COMING SOON]


What are the most important factors the Art Grant Committee considers?

Your budget is your friend.

A good project will have thoroughly researched their cost of materials, transportation, and miscellaneous costs, which will reflect in a well-itemized BUDGET [ART GRANT BUDGETING LINK COMING SOON] . Beyond that, a good application will clearly show that the artist(s) have thought through every aspect of their project. So please take your time to be comprehensive in your responses on the application. Sample Budget to get a feel of what we are looking for: [SAMPLE BUDGET LINK COMING SOON]


How much of the projected cost of a project will YOUtopia generally fund?

There is no hard and fast rule, but as a general guideline, we have been known to fund up to 50% of the total cost of projects. We RARELY fully fund a project, and do expect artists to contribute to their work monetarily.

What are the requirements to fulfill my end of the bargain if I’m funded?

Finish your art!

Once on the mountain, the Art Curation Team will visit your project and ensure it reasonably fulfilled what you put in your application. Artists that fail to deliver their project to the mountain will risk denial for future funding requests, and funds must be returned.

We are flexible and understand that life happens, so we ask that you be forthright and communicative with any issues regarding your project. Our expectation is that you will have your art set-up on the mountain by Noon on Thursday of the Event at the latest.

Projects that are unfinished by the deadline face possible request for return of granted funds.



What kind of budget items are not covered by grants?

In general, promotional materials, food, drink, and wages paid to artists are NOT permitted in any funding request. Additionally, if you’re a sound or theme camp, we will not fund the purchase of sound equipment.

For a more comprehensive list of Art Grant Restrictions, please click HERE: [LINK COMING SOON]

How are reduced price artist tickets being handled this year?

YOUtopia will no longer be offering discounted Art Grant Tickets either with an awarded grant, or on their own. Should you or your build crew need financial assistance with purchasing tickets, you are welcome to apply for YOUtopia’s Low Income Ticket Program.

However, please note that applying for a low income ticket does not guarantee approval and you will be subject to the same criteria as all other low income applicants.

You can find the Low Income Program Ticket application HERE:  [LOW INCOME PROGRAM TICKET APPLICATION LINK COMING SOON]

Will I receive car camping passes or in-camp car passes with my grant?

Due to the increasing size of the Event, Art Support vehicle passes will be severely limited, especially in Areas 6 and 7. Support vehicles that are approved by City Planning and Art Curation will be available for purchase on an “as needed” basis.

A number of factors go into deciding how many vehicle passes are distributed. Some factors include include size and total number of camps and art that apply for placement, and where you end up getting placed. However, every camp and project that is placed will NOT automatically include a support vehicle pass.

Consider alternate possibilities such as sharing storage/lock-up space with a neighboring camp, or creating a locking bar/box/cabinet for your storage needs. Car camping, like RV parking, is located ONLY in a specific designated area of the event. 

Approved cars that remain within Theme Camps or with art installations are intended as storage, not as car camping and will require a support vehicle pass.  All other cars must be parked in the parking lot once unloaded.

What about RV’s or Large Trailers?

If you need an RV or a large trailer as a support vehicle for your art piece, please submit an RV Special Circumstances Placement Application to City Planning and we will do our best to accommodate you. However, these will be limited and we cannot guarantee space due to potential placement issues.

Additionally, ALL approved RV’s and large trailers MUST be placed behind frontage areas and/or tucked away as out of sight as is possible. They will not be allowed to be a part of a camp’s frontage unless they are specifically needed for that frontage.

PLEASE NOTE: that there will be NO RV’S allowed in Areas 6 or 7. If you have to have an RV as your support vehicle, it will affect your placement options on the mountain.  These passes are intended for medical, special, or art support ONLY and not for the casual RV camper (not in Area 1)

If you need an RV as your support vehicle, please submit this application:   [Special Circumstances RV Application Link COMING SOON]

Once approved by City Planning, a special ticket link will be sent from Ticketing & Will Call to purchase an RV pass.


All decisions regarding approval or placement by City Planning are final.

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