Art Grant Restrictions

The following are not generally eligible for art grant funding.


ie. Generators, domes, pavilions, furniture, any pre-built durable items intended to build out a camp. We have, on occasion, partially funded the purchase of equipment to build such structures.


ie. Pre-constructed costume pieces purchased, or materials intended specifically for the construction of personal costumes for a performance. We have, on occasion, partially funded projects to bring materials for on-site construction of costumes for participatory, inclusive performances such as participant parades.


ie. Food and beverages (alcoholic or otherwise) intended for distribution or personal consumption, serveware such as plates and cups, earplugs, condoms, personal hygiene items. We have, on occasion, partially funded the purchase of food safety supplies such as wash station chemicals and other items deemed integral to public safety.


ie. Generators, sound equipment, lighting equipment, stages (some exceptions apply for the large sound grants, etc. See Below). We have, on occasion, partially funded transportation costs which may include renting a truck.


  • Items or projects which are deemed unsafe
  • Full (100%) funding of projects (with extremely rare exceptions)
  • Free tickets (or discounted tickets for an entire large group or camp)
  • Obviously commercially-based projects
  • Wages paid to artists
  • Promotional material


Art Grants for projects like Large Sound Camps (3), the Temple, or commissioned (owned by SDCAP) art projects are subject to different criteria and different rules, to a certain degree. More leeway in what the money is used for, in terms of building supplies, rentals, etc. is given to such projects. More discounted tickets are usually allotted to such projects than is average for other art grants. Earlier entry to the event (for build needs), more assistance from teams such as Wolf Pack and City Planning, and a broader consideration for the large scale contribution to the event are important considerations when determining these grants. A greater percentage than average of funding is generally allowed for these grants. Infrastructure such as stages and equipment can be covered by these grants. Disposable consumables and costumes are still not covered by these grants.