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Art Grants

Welcome to the YOUtopia application process.

We’re excited to see all the wonderful gifts and talent you would like to contribute to the Event!

Required Reading

Below you will find a plethora of information regarding Art Grants and City Planning!  Our Art Grant Windows account for such things as Sound Camps, the Temple, Large Art, Badass Art, Theme Camp Art and Placement. Please read everything thoroughly, especially the required reading and the new Sound Policy before submitting your application.

Questions?  We have answers!  Contact us before submitting your application at, or

Art Grant Categories

Primary Sound Camp (Closed)

  • YOUtopia has five (5) packages to award as Primary Sound Camps. Each package is for placement in a specific area and tailored for size and sound restrictions based on the topography of the area.
  • Primary Sound Camp applications will be reviewed in Grant Window 1 ONLY.  No Exceptions!
  • Applicants will have the opportunity to choose which Primary Sound Camp package in order of preference, and the Art Grant Committee will take the preference into consideration.
  • If you are not chosen as a Primary Sound Camp, please let us know if you’d like to be considered in a subsequent round by emailing us at,,, or
  • Maximum art grant award is $1,500.00

Primary Sound Camp Packages

Temple (Re-Opened See "The Hole" below)

  • One Temple will be chosen as a sacred space and awarded a grant. Temple projects may also be considered for an award in Grant Windows 2 and 3 if not accepted for Temple designation.
  • Maximum art grant award is $5,000.00
  • Artist/group must keep the project after the Event and make a plan for transportation. YOUtopia in the past has been willing to assist in transportation and volunteer help on site during build/strike, but this is not guaranteed.

Temple Art Grant Package

Large Art (Closed)

  • YOUtopia only awards grants up to 50% of the total project cost.
  • Large Art is defined as any piece of art that would require a grant of $5000 or more. ($10,000+ Total Project Cost) 
  • Large Art projects will be awarded in Grant Window 1 ONLY.  No Exceptions!

Badass Art

  • Badass Art is defined as anything and everything that does not fit into the category of Primary Sound, Temple or Large Art.  This means ALL art, including Theme Camp art, Secondary Sound Camps, small and/or moderate sized art, Art Cars, and Fire Installations.
  • Fire installations can apply for art grants, but will be reviewed by the Fire Safety team PRIOR to approval. Please review  the fire safety guidelines and if you have any question about fire, fire rules, and/or requirements, please email and read our Fire & Heat Source Policy
  • Art Cars must receive pre-event authorization from the Transportation Department prior to applying for a grant. Please read the Art Cars Q&A then fill out the Art Car application. Once approved by the Transportation Department you can apply for a grant. 
  • These grants will be awarded in Grant Windows 2,3 & 4.

Theme Camp Placement & Theme Camp Art

  • You may choose to apply as a Theme Camp (placement application below) as well as apply for an art grant for the Theme Camp (use the Badass Art Grant Application below).  A project will only be funded ONCE.
  • Grant funds must be used for artistic projects in making the Theme Camp awesome and interactive.
  • Grant funds cannot be used for providing food or drink of any kind.
  • These grants will be awarded in Grant Windows 2, 3 & 4. 

The Hole

The Hole is a special place for us at YOUtopia, located deep in the mountain valley and a fantastic location for something baller! It can be a Sound Camp, a Theme Camp, or even a sacred space or Temple! Do you have a great idea to partner with other camps, participants, art installations, bars, etc, to come together to create and shape a little corner of YOUtopia?

Applications for The Hole will be reviewed in Grant Window 2 ONLY.

Apply Now

Before you submit an application, please decide which application you will need from the list below. You will find that along with the applications, we have also provided you with several documents to help guide you through process.

  1. The Packages available for each Primary Sound Camp (Grant Window One ONLY)
  2. The Package awarded for the Temple Art Grant (Grant Window One ONLY)
  3. Our MANDATORY Budget Template (Applications without this template will not be reviewed)
  4. A copy of the questions in each application, along with a Sample Budget.
  5. Placement Application (This is also needed if you are applying for an Art Grant for your Theme Camp. Please submit both together if possible.)

Please fill out the questions and budget template to the best of your abilities via the downloaded documents. Once completed you can copy/paste your answers and share a link to your budget inside the online application.

* A computer (not phone) is recommended for this process.