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Art Grants

Welcome to the YOUtopia application process.

We’re excited to see all the wonderful gifts and talent you would like to contribute to the Event!

Required Reading

Please read everything thoroughly. If you have any questions, contact us before submitting your application.

Art Grant Categories

Theme & Sound Camps

SOUND CAMP: Grant Window 1

THEME CAMP: All Grant Windows

  • You may choose to apply as a full Theme Camp as well as have individual projects entered, however a particular project will only be funded ONCE.
  • Grant must be used for artistic projects in making the Theme Camp awesome and interactive. Cannot be used for providing food or drink of any kind.
  • Primary sound camps are reviewed and granted during the 1st grant funding window.


All Grant Windows

  • Big or small – we want to see what you’ve dreamt up! (These grants will be in every round)


Grant Window 1

  • One Temple will be chosen as a sacred space and awarded a grant. Temple projects can also be considered for art grants if not accepted for Temple designation.
  • Artist/group must keep the project after the Event and make a plan for transportation. (YOUtopia in the past has been willing to assist in transportation and volunteer help on site during build/strike.)


All Grant Windows

  • Fire installation, art cars, performance, etc.
  • Art Cars must receive pre-event authorization from the Transportation Department prior to applying for a grant. Please read the Art Cars Q&A then fill out the Art Car application. Once approved you can apply for a grant.
  • Please review  the fire safety guidelines and if you have any question about Fire, fire rules, and/or requirements, please email
  • Read our Fire & Heat Source Policy

Apply Now

Before you submit the application, click on Art Grants or Camps below. We have provided you with several documents to help guide you through process.

  1. Art Grant Application with Budget Template
  2. Placement Application (only for Camp Applications)
  3. Sample Application

Please fill out the questions and budget template to the best of your abilities via the downloaded documents. Once completed you can copy/paste your answers and share a link to your budget inside the online application.

* A computer (not phone) is recommended for this process.