Deadlines, Dates, & Deets!

The Art Grant Committee has the honor of awarding creation funds for your art!

As a part of our effort to increase community participation and resources, the Art Grant Committee will aim to only award one grant per artist. We encourage those of you who work on multiple projects, or in collaboration with other artists, to empower different members of your team take the lead for each project.

Once all applications from unique individuals are exhausted, applications from artists who have already received grants this cycle may be considered.


Art Grants Will Be Distributed Across Four Application Windows

  1. Grant Window 1: Primary Sound Camps, Temple, and Large Art
  2. Grant Window 2: Badass Art! (Theme Camp Art, Secondary Sound Camps, Small/Moderate Scale Art)
    1. Open Call for Art in "THE HOLE"
  3. Grant Window 3: Badass Art, Part Deux
  4. Grant Window 4: Last Call for Badass Art.

The Hole Open Call

The Hole is a special place for us at YOUtopia, located deep in the mountain valley and a fantastic location for something baller! It could be a Sound Camp, a Theme Camp, Amazing Art or even a sacred space or Temple! Do you have a great idea to partner with other camps, participants, art installations, bars and everything else to come together to create and shape a little corner of YOUtopia?

Deadline For Submissions is July 13th at Midnight!

Grant Window 1: When June 1 -June 15| Primary Sound Camps, Temple, and Large Art Applications

Website Live: Application window opens.

Primary Sound Camp Application
Temple Application
Large Art Grant Application

June 15th@ 11:59 PM PST: Application window is now closed.

End of June: Announcements Sent (estimated)

One Temple will be chosen as a sacred space and awarded a grant. There are 5 spots that are designated as “Primary Sound Camps" at YOUtopia, though many other camps have have sound. Applications for the Temple and the 5 Primary Sound camps will be chosen in the first grant round. Projects or camps that are not chosen for those roles may still be awarded grants and encouraged to have their art be a part of the Event!

PLEASE NOTE: Primary Sound camps requesting one of the 5 Primary Sound Camp spots and corresponding grant must submit in this grant window. No exceptions!

Grant Window 2: June 18th - July 13th | The Hole & Badass Art Applications

June 18th @ Noon PST: Application window opens.

The Hole & BadAss Art Applications can be found here at the bottom of the Art Grant page.

July 13th @ 11:59 PM PST: Application window is now closed.

End of July: Announcements Sent (estimated).

Grant Window 3: July 16th - Aug 10th| Badass Art, Part Deux Applications

July 16th @ Noon PST: Application window opens.

The BadAss Art Part Deux Application can be found here at the bottom of the Art Grant Page.

August 10th @ 11:59 PM PST: Application window closes.

End of August: Announcements sent (estimated).


Grant Window 4: Aug 13th - Sept 12th| Last Call for Badass Art Applications

August 13th @ Noon PST: Application window opens.

The Last Call for BadAss Art Application can be found here at the bottom of the Art Grant Page.

September 12th @ 11:59 PM PST: Application window closes.

End of September: Announcements sent (estimated).