Deadlines, Important Dates & Grant Window Information

The Art Grant Committee has the honor of awarding $80,000 in creation money. This will be distributed across 3 windows of opportunity.

To be considered during a particular window, you must apply by 11:59 PM on the specified date.

As a part of our effort to increase community participation and spread the reach of our resources, the Art Grant Committee will aim to only award one grant per artist. We encourage those of you who work on multiple projects to empower different members of the team take the lead for each project. Once all applications from unique individuals are exhausted, applications from artists who have already received grants this cycle may be considered.

Pay close attention to these dates if you are applying for these categories:

Grant Window 1: When live - July 16 | Temple, Major Sound & Open Applications

Website Live: Application window opens. Apply Online

July 16th @ 11:59 PM Pacific: Application window closes.

July 23rd: Art Grant Committee meets to determine Temple, Major Sound camps and open applications.

July 24th: Announcements Sent (estimated)

One temple will be chosen as a sacred space and awarded a grant. There are 3 spots that are designated as “Major Sound” camps at Youtopia, though many other camps have have sound. Applications for the Temple and 3 “Major Sound” spots will be chosen in the first grant round. Projects or camps that are not chosen for those roles may still be awarded grants and encouraged to have their art be a part of the event!

PLEASE NOTE: Major sound camps requesting one of the three “anchor camp” spots and corresponding grant must submit in this grant window. No exceptions!

Grant Window 2: July 17 - Aug 6 | Open Applications

Applications Are Live! Apply Online

Aug 6 @ 11:59 PM Pacific: Deadline for second round of applications to be considered.

Aug 13:  Grant Committee meets to award grants.

Aug 15: Announcements Sent (estimated).

Applications in this window are being considered in all categories for projects except Temple and Major Sound.

Grant Window 3: Aug 7 - Sept 10 | Open Applications

Applications Are Live! Apply Online

Sept 10 @ 11:59 PM: Application window closes.

Sep 17: Grant Committee meets to award final grants.

Sep 19: Announcement sent (estimated).

Applications in this window are being accepted in all categories except Temple and Major Sound.