Playshops & Performances

Applications Are Now Open!

Everyone is welcome to share their passion through a playshop, talk or performance anytime at YOUtopia; it’s all about YOU!


We are all about play! Bring something enjoyable and interactive to share with the community such as yoga, jewelry making, art car design, dance, or flow arts! Teach others about healthy relationship building or how to travel around the world without money. Playshops are a platform for playful learning; a way for our community to come together and share knowledge, experiences, skills, and ideas. These can be about anything, limited by your imagination only!


YOUtalks are similar to the popular TEDx talks.  These talks will be a platform for anyone to present interesting and well-formed ideas in 30 minutes or less on topics that are pertinent to our local community and the world at large.  Specifically, a good idea for a talk takes into consideration certain evidence or observations and draws a larger, meaningful conclusion. You are especially encouraged to develop YOUtalks that reflect the Burning Man 10 Principles. If you are interested in giving a YOUtalk, please fill out the application form, and list YOUtalk in part of your title or description.


YOUtopia is a great place for you to express your inner creativity and perform! In addition to Center Camp stage, there are many spaces throughout the city that can host your performance! Modeled on the principles of Burning Man, YOUtopia doesn’t pay performers or musicians to come to the event. Instead, it provides a blank canvas where you can explore your creativity and imaginative ideas.

Now for the Q & A:

Will I get tickets for presenting a Playshop or Performance?

Everyone buys a ticket to attend YOUtopia, including the YOUtopia production team and volunteers. It’s an important ethos of our shared event and also how we fund so much art!

Where are Playshops, YOUtalks, or Performances held during the Event?

All Playshops, YOUtalks, and Performances are held either at Center Camp, or at a Theme Camp or space that has been coordinated by YOU!

How late can I schedule my performance?

Hours for Center Camp coordinated performances will be between 9am and 8pm, Thursday - Saturday. Limited spaces may be available for Sunday morning performances.

How do I know what Theme Camps are hosting Playformers?

The PlayShops team can provide you a list of camps willing to host within our city.

What if I’m a Fire Performer?

ALL fire based performances MUST be approved by the Fire Safety department and a Fire/Fuel Safety plan will need to be submitted before approval or scheduling. There will be no fire at Center Camp. Solo fire performers do not need to fill out an application - simply show up to one of our soon to be announced open jam locations and flow your heart out.

I’m a DJ/Live Band. Can I sign up?

Yes, Center Camp Stage will have limited performance times for live music and DJs in the early evening, with sound restrictions. Email for more information.

How many times can I have my Playshop or Performance?

As many times as are available on the Center Camp schedule, or within the camps you’ve coordinated with.

Will there be power available for me to use?

Power is planned at Center Camp, but please be advised that there is NO guarantee of power available for your performance. Please try to be radically self reliant, and either bring power of your own, or have your performance with a Theme Camp that has power you can tap into.

Okay, I'm ready to submit my application, what's next?

Deadline to submit your playshop application is Friday, September 15th at 11:59pm. Instructions for submission and Center Camp availability are on the application.

I have more questions.
Who do I ask?

Please contact the PLAYFORMERS team.

Ok, I want to perform, what's next?

Apply Now!

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