Spirit Metacine Temple

A Sacred Temple space for community, connection and healing

YOUtopia has been home to some incredible Temple projects since the inception of  The Temple Art Grant program in 2013.  The imagination and inspiration provided by each new grant recipient has been as varied as the form the Temple takes, and the myriad of beliefs within our own community.   Each participant interacts with the Temple project and takes with them, (or leaves behind) their own experience.  Our past Temple artists created this space for the community to share. This year our Temple grant recipient is leaving the form behind and bringing for us a healing space called the Spirit Metacine Temple.  Showcased as a sound temple, tea domes, workshop spaces, yoga shade structures, shrines and alters.


Artist Philosophy and Intention

My art and intention with everything I do and share with the world is reverence. Reverence to this gift that we call life, passionately expressed through the creativity of the intention to heal with every fiber of my being. Healing for me has always been a right guaranteed to every individual should they be called to allow themselves to receive, and transmute whatever energies are meant to be let go of. Healing should be provided in every aspect of the opportunity in life, and it is my life’s purpose to hold that space and spread it as far and wide as possible.


In the spirt of Communal Effort and Participation we invite the healers of our community to reach out to our Artist and share in the collaboration of this sacred space.  Click Here to connect.

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