Theme Camps

Theme Camps are groups who provide an interactive experience that helps build the texture of our temporary city. Through the provision of activities, venues, and other participatory efforts, Theme Camps form the foundation out of which our fair YOUtopian city comes to life.

The list of YOUtopia 2017 Theme Camps is below.  2018 Theme Camp placement applications are coming soon. Please check this page regularly for updates. 


Theme Camps A - E

Abundance Culture Camp

A home for radicals who catalyze and live "Abundance Culture" and "The 10 Principles" in all aspects of our lives!

AcroCheese (Formerly: FunDo Bar)

Our camp provides cheese and chocolate fondue at sunset everyday. These treats are paired with wine, great tunes, and hosts wearing only aprons. We've done this for years at BRC and are excited to share with our SD community this year too. Since many of us are super into acro as well, we will also be providing acro workshops on at minimum two 4'x6' pads for 90 minutes before we serve fondue.


An interactive place for kids of all ages to play, learn, and create community

Airbrush Transformation Station

Our art means a lot to our camp, putting people in a festive mood, making them feel even more beautiful, gifting to the community and the smiles we get upon completion of using a human body as a canvas. We have gifted our artistic talents for many years. It gives participants great pleasure and gets them more in the festival mood. We spend a little more time on the performers which, they say, enhance their performances and they feel more like “rock stars” which draws more attention to their performances. Last year, “Airbrush Transformation Station” painted approximately 120 participants.

Archi-Art Bar

Archi-Art Bar is a pavilion meant for people to gather and enjoy art, people, and drinks. The drinks will bring people in but the people and atmosphere will keep them.

Bare Camp

A place for some of us naked men to camp together, hang out, have a few activities.


Our camp is based around our sound stage which is called the BassShip. Its a 25ft wide circular DJ stage that looks like a UFO and is enjoyed from all sides.

Bear Naked Tramps Photo Studio

We are a naughty professional photo studio that provide two interactive activities: Naughty Intimate Portraits and BRC Anonymous Naked Yearbook. They will happen simultaneously/interchangeably during the available studio hours. The posing process is highly interactive and fun, and is guaranteed to be pleasurable.

Bitches Couch

Welcome to the Bitches Couch! Grab a drink and snacks at the bar and hang out in our groovy living room on the Bitches Couch. We invite you for some pampering - get your nails painted, have a massage and body buffing. Help yourself to some self service body adornments like henna tattooing, metallic body tattoos & face painting. You will never want to leave once you have experienced the magic of the Bitches Couch. Bitches for Life!

The Black Company

A Pavilion of Pirates that serve some booze, coffee, and play music at a giant pirate feasting table.


We’re a fun interactive camp with some carnival games, community canvas for people to paint on and a boob-art gallery. Some evenings visiting DJs perform after-hours low-volume downtempo music in our camp. We offer our lounge as a low-key place to chill after hours and into sunrise.

The Boozy Braid

Our camp provides a relaxing space where people can have a drink at our happy hour or get their hair braided and styled by one of our hair stylists.


It's a tribute to Brenda de la Cruz who not only introduced us to the burner community but has volunteered many years. We do brunch usually on Saturday.

Camp Triptych

Our camp is a combination sound camp, feeder, open bar, performance, and workshop camp which intends on having 24 hour activities while not always necessarily have 24 hour blasting music.

Camp Xpander

We are all about mind and spirit Xpansion. Our program includes Yoga Classes, Meditation and of course our annual party on Friday night

Cheezy P

Cheezy P is a camp whose goal is to promote sex in a positive way, utilizing Porn as our backdrop. We try to keep things more campy and soft-core, than explicit and raunchy, in order to appeal to the masses.

Consensual Sausage

Consensual Sausage is a friendly place where you can feel safe, where you can learn many things and where you can grow.

The Cosmic Whatever

This is The Cosmic ___'s third year at YT, and every year we get decidedly less cosmic (it was supposed to be a joke in the first place, but no one but us knew it was ironic). This year we'll be returning with the rainbow dome, an open lounge with couches, an enormous luxurious shag rug, a shoes-off policy, and a lot of shitty beatboxing at 3 in the morning. We will have a bar, publicly available food stuff/fancy hors d'ouerves, goodies for those with recs, kazoos, and for whatever god forsaken reason a lot of fish themed art. We throw parties in San Diego and beyond, and will have a literal truckload of wooden art pieces that will all be scattered around our area for your visual consumption.

The Damn Van Jam

Collection of Marionetters that also own vans.

Dark Carnival Cafe

We are a 24hr café offering coffee and tea with a dark and twisted carnival theme. We are a great place to gather to have a rest, enjoy a conversation, play a game, read a book or color in one! 

Digital Cocoon

Yoga, meditation, mimosa mornings, and movie nights. We also intend to give away 300 sausages in 2 hours, and have amplified sound during some of the afternoons and nights. Cuddle areas accompanied by lights and visual projections at night. Oh yeah, did I mention the deep sea vibe and human sea suits?

Draft Punk

Known for having the coldest beer on Playa with no wait, Draft Punk wants to return to YOUtopia to hand out icy cold brews to the thirsty, sweaty crowd. We're open during the heat of the day, usually bumping some 80's & 90's rock. We wear handmade Daft Punk helmets that the crowd is welcome to wear for photo ops. We're a no snark camp that serves beer with a happy smile. 

Dragnet Interrogation '18

Sound bites off old Dragnet TV show, people get interrogated using his voice....

Theme Camps F - I

Fire Swamp

We bring larger interactive fire art installations to keep people warm at night, and this year will have a giant industrial swamp cooler in our dome to cool people off during the day. Plus we love the Princess Bride reference.



Fools Errand

Fool’s Errand – 1) noun: A task which is widely known to be unwise, yet is carried out against a person’s better judgement. 2) verb: the act of putting a theremin next to your tent.

The French 8th Black Rock Bakery

Providing fresh baked goods to all and encouraging participatory bakers.

Friends of RW

It's not an "RV”… it's “RW”. Friends of RW is a fellowship of men and women who have come together to share in the experience that surrounds "The RW,” an ultra-lounge toy hauler fashioned after the iconic design and contemporary luxury of the W Hotels. Complete with fiber-optic star ceiling, plush decor, a sparkling stripper pole, and an indoor/outdoor dance floor, RW's good beats and good booze are certain to make you a friend too.


FUR:20 is a space for chilling out on furry bean bags and daybeds!

Furry Gorilla Warfare

We are a mixed group of artists, performers, Rangers and volunteers.

Go The Fuck To Sleep

Come visit Go The Fuck to Sleep Camp where our playa-famous bartender Jerry aka Easy Cheese will serve you boilermakers that will make you go the fuck to sleep!

Honey I Shrunk the F**ks!

A sound and theme camp with performances as well as a place where you become the artist Centered around the Theme of Honey I Shrunk the ..... We have performance art, civic art, participatory art. The main staging area will be circumferenced by an art fence where artists will be able to come and paint, color, as well as experiment with many different mediums on the art wall. We are building a creation station of sorts offering silk screening, hydro dipping, and a forge which in conjunction with LNT will allow people to smelt their cans into ingots and create ornaments able to be hydro dipped and silk screened. We will have a shrink ray and a few other surprises in keeping with our YOUtopian theme of pushing through difficulties towards a YOUtopian future with the Shrinking of the F**ks!!

Infinite Gypsies

There are two parts to our camp. One is our gypsy wagon where we give tarot readings, offer spell casting as well as classes in both. Then we have a large shaded tent that will house the Infinity Boxes.

Infinity Oasis

It is a collection of interactive art, sound, and lighting with a Virtual Reality Arcade being the center piece. We will be adding a small bar and large lounge for people to rest, relax, and watch the lights.

Interplanet Janets

A space-themed camp in support of the "Escape Pod" LED art installation.

Iron Daddy's Blacksmith's Workshop - Forged at YOUtopia

Blacksmithing and teaching students to create fire pokers or walking sticks.

Theme Camps J - O

Jam Camp

We set up quality music gear, 2 guitars and a bass, amps, drums, vocals, percussion, and let people jam with each other. My buddy and I play various instruments so we can fill in where needed.

Kamp Kailash

We are a Bass Camp supporting love of Middle Eastern/American Bass Music/Glitch and Deep Thought Spiritual Love in a multi combo of Science. Our Middle Eastern Indian tapestries will be pasted all over the area to make you feel as if you stepped into a world of Love and Extraterrestrial Harmony. Come and join us for a Spiritual Musical Passage into the Future Life of Celestial Bliss and Comfort.


Children's camp. We will have a large ball pit, children's games and a shade area.

Liquid Jungle

Art Installation/Stage that provides shade using stretched sails.

Locus Nexus

Game/poker lounge.

Mac N Chz

Mac n Chz delivers creative versions of our favorite comfort food when campers are craving some alternative nutrition.

Monarch Metamorphosis Presents: Back in the FUTURE "Spectrums of Time"

Monarch Metamorphosis presents Back In The Future “spectrum's of time'.
This year we take you back in the future!! with a land filled with the past and the future to captivate you in a time of reality. We are setting the environment to take you on a journey thru the monarch metamorphosis that has occurred over time. Take a journey in our interactive time machine, delorean and bill and teds photo booths. Take a photo in our creative art area and get crafty at our creation station. Chill at our lounge area with a replica of our past pyramid bar and kitchen hosted by are monarch team. Also new fire breathing 3d wing design and shade structure. Full 3d visual mapping of the entire camp with exceptional talent. Future Bass Couch, sun and crescent moon chill chairs, past and future décor. And best of all, BASSMECHANIC SOUND.

Naked Ninjas

Drop by the Naked Ninjas "Cloak & Swagger" Costume Closet and add some bling and fabulousness to your adventures! From costumes, to fun, festive, and funky clothing and accessories, we're gifting the garb that we have collected from our many years of participation in Burning Man, Comic Con, festival, and costume events. After all - we're "Naked" Ninjas and will gladly give you the shirts right off our backs! We'll even have a red carpet for you to strut your stuff.

Naughty Nurse Station

Get your blood pressure and temperature taken by scantly dressed nurses. With every check up may receive a recommended shot of whisky or a shot of whine.

Not So Virgin Mary

We provide a morning ritual of gathering around booze and music.



Theme Camps P - S

Perky Parts

Energetic sound camp with an amazing bar.

Pink Heart

Our high-def YOUtopa portal has been, and will continue to be, a hub for participant education and acculturation, a place to process mind-blowing experiences, a place to gather with friends, a place of love and hugs, a place to relax, a place to rejuvenate and refresh, and a place to meet new friends and so much more.

Pizza Pi

We are a bunch of friends and family who enjoy BM culture and serving pizza!


We're a small camp that has a little lounge and lots of candy. It’s like halloween a few days early.

Playfully Yours

We are a dungeon play space. We have a well equipped dungeon and proved classes, as well as, facilitate dungeon play in a safe and supervised environment.

Problem Children

Problem Children is a camp of dedicated tricksters, pranksters, ne'er do wells, and no good ruffians that want to keep the chaotic flames of early burner culture alive. We're the shittiest combination of salt and snark around. Our art sucks, the booze at our bar is watered down, and we'll probably give you terrible life advice.

PTeePan Photography

Photography taking and sharing photos to all.

Rainbow Squirts

Activity theme camp using paint filled water guns dye clothes and other items. Playa & kid friendly fun!

Saturday Morning Cartoons

All the cartoons you grew up with running 24 hours a day! And on Saturday morning, join us for our famous Cereal Bar - breakfast cereal with alcohol! Nom nom!

Scrabble Camp

15ft square fully functional Scrabble Board with bar and 40 foot x10 foot lounge.

Short Bus / XOXO

We're all a little we ride the Short Bus! Just a welcoming camp of good friends that like to host drinking & music socials open to all.

SMELL the Love

SMELL the Love provides a comfortable chill space called the "Love Lounge" pillow pool, cocktail bar called the "Fur Bar" and art projects to YOUtopians.

Soul Work

Day party.

Space Camp

Sound & Vision... Up the Hill Backwards... Always Crashing in the Same Car.

Space Monkee

Interactive for all Large sling shot and space bar.

Strange But Tasty

We are a bunch of brewers that enjoy providing a huge range of tastes and experiences. What was originally Orphan Endorphin has changed in to the same brewers doing regional together and expanding their offerings from just beer to: wine, tea (hot, cold, blended and infused), pro-biotics (kombucha, water kefir, jun), soda (been a huge hit - 20 gallons dispensed last regional) and we are going to do coffee (possibly coco) this year!

Sunset Lounge and Bar

We are a full Bar, we serve coffee in the morning and booze all day and night. We host daily events. We have a sound system, but hate being labeled as a sound camp. We are a bar camp.

Suspension Camp

We provide the experience of rope suspension to participants.

Theme Camps T - Z

Tempted UV

Tempted UV is a full UV paint interactive art theme camp. It is an area where people get to be creative, paint or draw whatever they like on the maze structure, and Join in on playing multiple giant games, enjoying all the art, and a fresh glass of flavored Ice water. Tempted UV is an area to bring the community together to create a beautiful, giant, UV piece of art. The more things I create that get people to interact, create and just have a great time is what Tempted UV is all about. :). People do tend to paint/draw some very graphic adult things on the walls that might not be suitable for children. 

Trained Unprofessionals

We're a group of highly trained unprofessionals laser-focused on climbing the corporate ladder and then burning it down. From our uniforms to our office party and interactive art pieces, we bring the utmost unprofessionalism to everything we do. Our camp takes seriously the ten principles of Burning Man and the challenge of building a consent-based community. We're a tight-knit yet welcoming family, and YOUtopia is our annual mecca.


Transfoamation is an interactive perfoamance/art camp which prompts citizens of Youtopia to ponder self-awareness and investigate the sources of their identity through the examination of perspectives on gender, sociofomo status, race and privilege. Set in a post Refoamation environment, our theme from last year which asked people to confess their environmental sins to animals and experience life behind bars, this year’s Transfoamation involves a multi-stage process developed in conjunction with Gender Blender camp which will highlight person-to-personal exercises diving into identity as participants queue up. Upon entering our space, all prefoamation rituals will shed their old dusty selves and clothing, enter our transfoam chamber, and ascend to the final stage of their actual Transfoamation to oneness with the universe and their fellow human in the transblastive foam experience.

Tutus & Beer

25x25 Renaissance Tent with many pillows to relax 24/7. Also an event for Tutus and Beer. Bring your Tutu and we'll provide an ice cold keg.

Uli Baba's

Uli Baba’s is a San Diego-based Burning Man theme camp whose main focus is hospitality. We facilitate connection amongst participants through a variety of boundary pushing, provocative, and silly events. We are consent-focused, body-positive, sex-positive, and inclusive of all genders, sexualities, and relationship styles.

Xara Sports League (XSL)

Join us at the XSLounge to listen to live music performed by YOUtopians while experiencing a black-light 3d experience under a jungle-like canopy over of 1,700 hand crafted and painted flowers.  The XSL and XSLounge will be hosting many events over the weekend, make sure to check us out in the WWW!

Yes, and... Cheese

We're a post-post-modern, post-dystopian, unserious assortment of improv theater participaudience and makers of space for theatrix and snax.

YUKulees YUkulele YUrt Camp

We will have a Yurt full of ukuleles and other instruments for those that don't have instruments with them so people can jam, free Ukulele lessons to those that want to learn to play a Uke, and cool little giveaways to participants.