Theme Camps

Theme Camps are groups who provide an interactive experience that helps build the texture of our temporary city. Through the provision of activities, venues, and other participatory efforts, Theme Camps form the foundation out of which our fair YOUtopian city comes to life.

The list of YOUtopia 2018 Theme Camps is below.  Please note, these are currently being updated.


Theme Camps A - E


An interactive place for kids of all ages to play, learn, and create community

Airbrush Transformation Station

Relive your body painted Burning Man experience. Play and decorate you or your friends with our collection of airbrush stencils and stencil masks. Available throughout the daytime. Come and join us at Airbrush Transformation Station, introduce yourself and get an airbrushed body, painted by our expert airbrushers.

Archi-Art Bar

R&R Happy Hour: Join us at sunset each day to refresh with Rosemary Rum. Finish out the day strong and start the night stronger!

As You Wish

“I've been saying it so long to you, you just wouldn't listen. Every time you said 'Farm Boy do this' you thought I was answering 'As you wish' but that's only because you were hearing wrong. 'I love you' was what it was, but you never heard.” -William Goldman, The Princess Bride.

Bitches Couch

Welcome to the Bitches Couch Camp! We got what you need.
Need a friend? Bitches are here for hugs and real talk
Need a drink? Spin the wheel at the Bitch Bar for ultimate refreshment
Need a makeover? The Primp Station is stocked with sparkle magic to help spice up your look
Need a rest? Sit your ass down on our big ole couch
Need a snack? All the bar nuts you can eat
We got you covered Bitch!
Bitches for Life!!!

Brenda's Kidz

Come hangout as we pay tribute to Brenda with sangria and brunch on Saturday, with special guest, Brenda, as she tries to get you to volunteer for YOUtopia 2019!

Camp Apricum

Get Fresh with Camp Apricum
Looks like this year we came all over again! Come enjoy a refreshing or debilitating beverage with your friends at Camp Apricum. You’re welcome to come even if you’re a silly pluot, aprium, apriplum, or plumcot.


ASAP! What does it mean? You tell us. Come say hi, chill in our lounge and check out the art, but come at night when we’re on fire!

Camp Blow Me!

Coming soon!

Camp Carnival Safe

Camp Carnival Safe is a safe place to relax and enjoy good music. Ice cream gifting in the afternoon will be accompanied by live performances at an open mic. Evenings are exciting with incredible camp lighting and poofers.

Camp Classy AF

Coming Soon.

Camp Swole

"Do you even lift, Brah?" Come to Camp Swole for squats, watts, downward dogs, catharsis, and Swole Cider! All welcome, no experience required. Will you "Feel the Burn" or see what lies in the Museum of Folly? Give our Gravity Boots a try and hang upside down from the squat rack! Learn proper lifting form, get your zen on, spar a punching bag, and enjoy refreshing recovery drinks. #GAINS

Camp To Be Continued...

Camp To Be Continued... is the humble home of the Art To Be Continued... Collective. We provide a chill, creative space for all ages to come and be silly and expressive. Come by and check out our latest project and create something wonderful yourself.

Captain Cooper and Company's Cacophonous Carnival

Coming Soon.

Cat Loaf Cafe

Come visit the cat cafe for life giving coffee, cuddles, music and meows

Celestial Side Show

Celestial Side Show is a place to come and be mesmerized by the acrobatic talents of our welcoming community. Aerial silks, AcroYoga, Lyra, and flow arts will be on display throughout the festival for everyone’s enjoyment. Classes are also available for those that love to participate!

Cheezy P(orn)

Coming Soon.

Church Of House

The Church Of House and Pastor Priest want all who enter to experience the spiritual soulful side of house music. Commune with us and dance your soul clean. We believe that music evokes emotion and dancing makes you happy. We dance while we listen to house music and that is how we heal. Priest will perform special 3hr sunrise services (sessions) starting at 7am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 1st hour is yoga to deep and ambient house. To get your soul fed and day started on the right foot. 2nd and 3rd hour is cardio dancing with poi/ hula hoop/ juggling lessons available. Special 3hr Sunset Services on Friday and Saturday preacher tbd. Silent disco from 8pm to midnight on Thursday Friday and Saturday. Sunday is Family and friends Day where Priest will be performing a 10 special hour service. Going back to back with brother Heath and other artist through out the day. At 10am on Sunday we will have an event. A deep gospel house brunch

Cirque Us

Never got a chance to run away and join the circus when you were a kid? Well, now there's Cirque Us, the fully immersive circus camp, just for adults. Balloon animals are child's play, but adult bondage balloons are just what the doctor ordered to liven up anybodies day. Not into latex? No problem. Safety third, is my motto. Try out glass eating instead. Weak stomach you say? How's about a creampie? Too forward? Take one of our innuendo classes. There's something for everyone. Or at least for the weirdos. Check us out on IG at #stryderthejesterpromo

Digital Cocoon

Come hang out at Digital Cocoon where you can dance in our multi-color changing cocoon and lounge about in our Subsonic Cuddle Puddle. Enjoy the display of mystical oceanic creatures, which give off light, while hanging about our Tube Worm Paradise. Make sure to check out our various art installations and events that we will be hosting!

Dust and Stars

Celebrate the endless night at our Cult Happy Hour, featuring sparkle shots, aurology readings, shimmer baptism, and cosmic portraits that capture your immortal soul. (We’ll take good care of it, we promise.)

Electric Giraffe Safari Park

Please come see, touch and talk to a real live robot giraffe!

Theme Camps F - I


We are Filament. We bring the love we bring the light! Come dance and fly free, butterfly! Come by for some sweet tunes, stay for some sweet friends. We start each day flipping records with a Turk Murphy hour where we play music from the 20's, 30's and 40's! Night time our dance club lights up with Djs playing tropical house, trap, and so much more! The Filament Light bringers are excited to be journeying to Youtopia!


Come enjoy coffee, libation and conversation with Flamin' Java!
Serving coffee, pancakes, bacon, and hash browns while they last!
9am till 11am Friday and Saturday morning.
Grab a shot of Fireball (21+) to help chase away that morning hangover! Light morning music, nothing too loud to impede friendly conversation.
PARTICIPATE! Why cook your food on that tiny camp stove, bring it and share with our commercial griddle! Volunteers help us do more!
Stop in Thursday and Sunday for limited service.



Floortopia is dedicated to bringing you the best in underground dance music.

Foam Against the Machine

Foam Against the Machine is an interactive perfoamance camp which highlights and asks our robotic cybernetic selves saturated, seduced and coerced by modern media and capitalistic forms of control overt and subtle, to demonstrate empathy, reconnect to the heart of the human family, and make empathically-informed conscious choices in the present nature-connected moment.

Set in a post TransFOAMation environment, our theme from last year which asked people to question sources of their identity through the examination of perspectives on gender, sociofomo status, race and privilege, this year’s interactivity involves a five-stage process of receiving downloads on inFoamed consent, evaluating our humanity, deprogramming, and then finally liberating the soul from the machine.

French 8th Black Rock Bakery

Listen to your sweet tooth! We’re a “playground”of baked goods! Climb, swing or slide on by to enjoy some delicious goodies hot from the oven! Visit us mornings and afternoons to taste what we’re making, or come on in and bake your own recipe!

Friends of RW

Time: Saturday 10AM - Noon. Title: Friends of RW Brunch. Description: Make a stop along on your galaxy hop at the Friends of RW Astro Diner. Our tasty rations are well-known throughout the universe and our magnetic Earth tunes and celestial pole will keep you entertained while you mingle with beings of all origins. Come fill your favorite black hole with English muffins, bacon, and sausage heated by the nuclear fusion of love and servitude that only the Astrofabulous Friends of RW can generate. Our Bloody Mary's and Maria's are out-of-this-world and our habanero infused liquor will increase your albedo faster than light speed! So tell a friend and teleport on in to the Friends of RW Astro Diner.


River of Tears Slapfest - Friday At sunset

Go The Fuck To Sleep

Come to the roadside bar and have a Boilermaker, join the cuddle space and enjoy a reading of Go The Fuck to Sleep. The camp is designed to be quiet at night so that after a few adult beverages you can GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP. 

hApPy kaOs!

Friday Events:

“Heart Opening Yoga” Fri 11am-12pm
Cultivate a sense of love and compassion with the combination of gentle vinyasa postures, conscious breathwork, and mindful intention. We’ll send you back out into Youtopia feeling grounded with a HAPPY open heart.

“ABC's of Breathing” Fri 12pm-12:30pm
Come join us and breath together consciously. We'll start with anchoring, then balance and end with a good charge of life force. You'll be ready for the days adventures connected and activated!

“Treat Yo'self” Fri 12:30-1:30
We have three words for you...Treat. Yo. Self. Escape to Happy Kaos for an hour of sipping mimosas...treat yo'self, hydrating renewal masque...treat yo'self, essential oils...treat yo'self, get your nails painted...treat yo'self. It's the best, most pampered hour of Youtopia.

“Poi Flow 101” Fri 2:30pm - 3:30pm
Do you have a desire to spin Poi but might not know where to start? Or perhaps you know a few moves and can’t seem to make the tricks flow. Join us for Poi Flow 101 where we’ll be going over basic moves, explaining timing and direction and planes. We’ll get you flowing in no time! We have extra practice Poi all you need is a good attitude and ready for flowy time!

“The Art of Bullshit Workshop” Fri 3:30pm-4:30pm
Learn how to fake it till you make it with the moves you got. Whether you prefer fans, poi, rope dart, palm torches, wand...well you get the idea… Come learn how to flow through your mistakes and come out looking like a superhero. All levels welcome.

Saturday Events:
“Kaos Koffee House” 12pm-1pm
French press style koffee with bailey's and other fun 21+ surprises. Topped with whip cream, sprinkles, edible glitter and who knows what else, it's KAOS!

“Yoga Kaos” Sat 1pm-2pm
Do yoga and adult beverages not go together? At Happy Kaos we beg to differ. Work out the kinks from last nights shenanigans and prepare your mind and body to do it all over again. Join us in this playful upbeat booty bouncing yoga practice. 21+

Hot Camp (I love you so)

Come celebrate with us Saturday night as we tuck the sun to bed and toast with hot toddies and yummy grilled cheese sandwiches. Brought to you by Hot Camp, I love you so, where thoughts and prayers never beat whiskey and melted cheese!

Hot Wheelz ADA Camp

A collection of differently-abled people and friends.

Hug Deli

Hug Deli is an interactive art installation that brings all participants together. It can be operated by anyone that steps behind the counter and puts on an orange apron. Nothing is free, participants pay two compliments for a choice of hug from the menu. Come spend time receiving compliments, dispensing hugs, and getting know other Youtopians.

Take a break from serving up hugs checkout the art gallery featuring the mind behind Mikey’s Hug Deli. Every painting has a cat hidden in the painting. Can you find them all?

Interplanet Janets

Info Coming Soon.

Introverts Bar

The Introverts Bar offers a chill space for people to drink and explore without the pressure of eye contact or awkward conversation, including an Extraverts Day Care, Recharging Station, and the alluring "Intimate Connection Portal.

Iron Daddy's Blacksmith's Workshop - Forged at YOUtopia

Come learn how to blacksmith and make your very own fire poker! You get to bring it home!

It's Fucking Bedtime!

Baby Burner Ziva (age 11) would like to invite you to relax and chill before starting your nighttime party. Come into our hippie living room, complete with VINTAGE VW camper, enjoy non alcoholic beverages (hot cocoa and tea, cold fizzy water) and a hilariously inappropriate bedtime story. We would also like to invite acoustic, spontaneous musical performances/jam sessions. If you are looking for a family vibe, we are your camp!

Intergalactic Collaborative Presents: The Mad Galaxy Party

The Mad Galaxy Party brought to you by the Intergalactic Collaborative is a fully functional sound camp offering a bar, lounge, workshop and fully equipped sound stage to include DJ workshops, producer workshops, aerial silks workshops, yoga and body art with our upscale usual space vibe and a vintage playful twist of Alice in Wonderland.

Theme Camps J - O

Jam Camp

Jam Camp is looking for jammers. All styles welcome, all proficiency levels welcome, we've got quality gear: strat, les paul, fender amps, 500watt bass amp, vocals, DW drums.

Kamp Kailash

We are a Bass Camp supporting love of Middle Eastern/American Bass Music/Glitch and Deep Thought Spiritual Love in a multi combo of Science. Our Middle Eastern Indian tapestries will be pasted all over the area to make you feel as if you stepped into a world of Love and Extraterrestrial Harmony. Come and join us for a Spiritual Musical Passage into the Future Life of Celestial Bliss and Comfort.


Kidsville welcomes all families. It is also home to the Electric Lazy!

Les C*nts

Info coming soon!


Info coming soon!

Meh-screAnt Hill

We're feeling a little 'Meh' about it all right now, but never has an Ant or Batty cohort ever let our community down. Come on down to Meh-screAnt Hill and share in the hate. Tell us your gripes and we'll tell you ALL about ourtopia. Be sure to leave your personal responsibility at home cuz we've got buckets of patience and plenty of hand sanitizer.

Monarch Camp

A space filled with many types of lounge cabanas. We want you to enter this space feeling like you never wanna leave. You will be mesmerized by our 3d visual display that will light up the art and stimulate the senses. BASSMACHANIC SOUND will be in force once again to provide the sound healing we all need to keep us moving thru the event. Join us at our Beer Cold Whiskey Hard Bar along with the Soul Brothas hosting tacos and quesadilla hours in the kitchen during the event.   Come lounge under the playground and celebrate MONARCH's 8th year anniversary with us!

Nacho Daddies

Camp Nacho Daddies will be returning to YOUtopia for our second year. As longtime members of the burner community, it has always been our privilege to honor our fellow burners by gifting our fabulous nachos with fresh salsa prepared daily in camp. Come get your cheesy on!

Naked Ninjas

The Naked Ninjas, who previously brought you the Cloak & Swagger Costume Closet, will be holding late night, pop-up hot tea service at surprise locations and times - sneak-attack style! On Friday from 4-6pm, there will also be a Naked Ninja takeover of the Saturday Morning Cartoons Camp bar for a Led Zeppelin happy hour. Our Led Zeppelin tunes and themed cocktails will squeeze your lemon ‘til the juice runs down your leg! Gonna make you burn, gonna make you sting! Bring your own cup. (P.S. Cloak & Swagger Costume Closet will return in 2019. Tis the year of restocking!)

No Kids Allowed!

No Kids Allowed!
All the things you loved as a kid, but for us grown ups! Making forts, nap time, snack time, games and toys, and plenty of things to play with!

Theme Camps P - S


Info Coming Soon!

PG Squirt House

Info Coming Soon!

Pink Heart

Info Coming Soon!


Info Coming Soon!

Problem Children

Info Coming Soon!

Ready Player Fun!

Friday 1:00pm-4:00pm Coconut Oil Wrestling - engage in some friendly competition! Bring a towel or just let it absorb.

Saturday 10:00am-2:00pm Playing Games: the friendly competition continues! We've got board games for yer brains and lawn games for yer bodies.

Ren & Skimpy

Info Coming Soon!

Rub-A-Dub Massage Ecstasy

Rub-A-Dub Massage Ecstasy, offering neck and shoulder rubs, full body massages, and full body sensual massages

S'mores N Amour

Come for S'mores Friday and Saturday night at sundown!

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Info Coming Soon!


Skatopia - Dream, build, skate

SMELL the Love

Come on by for a cocktail and oodles of free hugs at SMELL the Love!

Space Monkee

Space Monkee returns for our 4th year of Monkee Fun. Swing on in for Monkee punch. Join us for-NEON NIGHT FLYING and Saturday at NOON for Adopt-A-Monkee program.

Strange But Tasty

Info Coming Soon!

Suspension Camp

Ever wondered what it would feel like to completely surrender, not being bothered by the continuous decision making process that afflicts us every moment of our waking life? Come spend some time with us and experience being bound and suspended, in a relaxed and respectful atmosphere, where your body and mind can explore a new dimension. - it might be the ride of your life!

Theme Camps T - Z

Tempted UV

"Come paint, draw, write, and create your own unique UV art. Including; A maze of blank canvas, plenty of blacklights, fun giant UV games, 3D glasses, and a refreshing flavored Ice water bar. We provide all the tools you need to Glow! All that is missing is you, the artist! So come on over, get creative and have a glowing good time!

The Cosmic Whatever presents The Cosmic Whathaveyou

Info Coming Soon!

The Glass Shop

Come experience the wonderful world of Glass! Workshops, Lessons, and Demos all weekend! See you there!

The Rabble Rousers

Info Coming Soon!

Tiki Fuckos

Friday & Saturday
Frosty Tiki Fuckoritas!
Thirsty? Hot after a long morning prancing through a magical forest? Come stop by the Tiki Fuckos for a frosty alcoholic Fuckorita! Come gaze into the dual action of our magical margarita machine and tell us all about your journeys through these mysterious lands!

Wine and Cheese Party!
Bring your classy cheesy self to the Tiki Fuckos wine and cheese party! We’ll provide wine, cheese, and lively conversation. Feel free to bring your wine, snacks, and sassy self for the Fucko festivities!

9:30am-10:45am (classes are short and a new one starts about every 10 minutes)
“It’s OK to smell OK” a symposium on Festival Hygiene
Come on by to learn some crap you already know, but have maybe let fall by the wayside this weekend AND receive your very own washcloth! Drinks will be served.

“HOOCH 101: How to make your own hard cider”
Creating super tasty, tart cider is SO EASY!! I’ll show you all the steps from fermenting to bottling and, most importantly, consumption. The first few participants to bring a smallish, empty plastic soda bottle with cap will get an extra gift to take home! Drinks will be served.

Trained Unprofessionals

Info Coming Soon!

Triptych - Destination: Music Island

Info Coming Soon!


Wonderland is a forum for learning, exploring, and reawakening curiosity. We will curate events and activities that fuse art and science. Some of these activities include creating an interactive liquid light show, hosting a psychedelic trivia game, guiding meditations, providing a reiki workshop, and hosting safe, interactive science experiments. We will also have a Wonder Wall where Youtopians can ask and answer their burning questions and an interactive plasma lamp exhibit to demonstrate the effects of electric fields.

Worst Bar

We're the worst. For real.


Come join us for our annual party, Friday and Saturday nights. We will be providing full hospitality in the Xpander Dome, Midnight to Sunrise

Yes, And...

Yes, And... Come find us near Center Camp for assorted cheeses and so-so company.

Yesterday's Tomorrow

Info Coming Soon!

YUkulees YUkulele Camp

Sit under the canopy and listen to the YUkulees play music or learn to become a YUkulee. If you don’t know how to play Ukulele, no worries, we’ll teach you a few chords and have you playing a few songs in no time. Learn to play Ukulele between 2 & 4 PM Friday and Saturday. Stop by at other times if you wish to Jam. Watch for us wandering around ready to jam with other community musicians.

XSL & XSLounge

Founded in 2005, the Xara Sports League (XSL) brings competitive fun within the context of Burning Man and related regional burns. You may have seen us playing “Sunrise Golf” through your camp or witnessed the insanity that is the “Wiffle Ball Classic” featuring the Purple Haze and the Orange Juicers. There is nothing we can’t make into a competition and EVERYONE is welcome to participate!

This year the XSL is bringing back the ever popular XSLounge! Join us at the XSLounge to listen to live music while experiencing a black-light 3d experience. Grab a drink at the fully stocked bar while enjoying the live music under a jungle-like canopy over of 2,500 hand-crafted and painted flowers. The XSLounge will also be hosting early evening happy hours Th-Sat, so come on by and have a drink! Want to get on stage? Well, the XSLounge will be also hosting open mic sessions along with the always popular late night Drunkaoke!