Theme Camps

Theme Camps are groups who provide an interactive experience that helps build the texture of our temporary city. Through the provision of activities, venues, and other participatory efforts, Theme Camps form the foundation out of which our fair YOUtopian city comes to life.   See the listing of the 2019 Theme Camps below!  

Theme CampCamp Description
Airbrush Transformation StationWe have gifted our airbrush paint artistic talents for over 14 years.  It gives participants great pleasure and gets them more in the festival mood. Our expertise is gender neutral. In the heat, it seems, people would rather wear paint than clothes!
XpanderWe will engage participants with the Xpander Dome, a 25ft diameter geodesic dome covered in art/lights/ complete with a sound system and DJ stage.
3l3m3ntal We will  be providing sound and a sacred space (lounge) for people to relax or dance.
French 8th Black Rock BakeryFresh baked goods straight out of the oven! Sweet, savory, you name it! Stop by and see what's baking; come in and bake with us!
OVER THE TOPWe offer a standing, participant-propelled 360° swing. It's the bright blue giant swing right in front of our camp. Challenge yourself every afternoon and evening from noon till everyone is done!
Scrabble CampCome play Scrabble on our giant board and hang out in our lounge.
SUPerFRIENDsVideo games. Down tempo dance music. Frozen drinks for all of our friends (21+ to drink alcohol).
GOCAL (the Gathering of Consciousness and Love)DJ performances, healthy refreshments, body buffing, positive environment facilitated throughout the day.
Spiritual N ShitThe Hug Deli is a place where participants can order up hugs from the menu or get behind the counter and/or provide the hugs.  The Art Gallery features paintings with hidden cats from the master mind behind the Hug Deli, Micheal Stubs.  It's like where is Waldo but with cats. 
Massage Ecstacy (formerly Rub-A-Dub)Providing Back Shoulder and Neck rubs, Full Body Massage, Full Body Sensual Massage, "Fifty Shades" Massage - in a private Cabana setting.
FilamentIf you are a dreamer come in.
If you are a seeker of beats of sickness, come in.
We are Filament.
We dance together.
Bare CampOur hot dog roast has been most popular with our friends.  We have also had water balloon toss if it's warm enough and other games.
Church of Cage CampA sanctuary for Nicholas Cage enthusiasts. Come rejoice, show your love and give thanks for our Savior in the shaded comfort of our ‘Little Chapel of Perpetual Cage’. All are welcome. Travoltaists encouraged.
Sci-FighterSci-Fighter is the ultimate sound, lighting, video, laser, and effects experience. We fight to better ourselves and push our limits during our musical journey though time and space.
Flamin'JavaCome listen to our mellow West coast circuit beats as we drink our "World Famous" coffee with Fireball Whiskey with friends! Pancakes, hash browns and bacon, along with whatever our friends bring to share with us!  
Otter SpaceA Family Friendly camp within Kidsville that hosts the Electric Lazy while the kids sleep.
Lesbian Sausage FestShow off your skills with our muffin-eating contest, or just relax and watch while eating sausages with friends. Also come learn to pole dance. Fun for muffins, sausages, and everyone else!
Worst BarThe worst bar around. If we decide to open, we will be serving up bad experiences, unsatisfying beverages and our world famous hater tots to share with friends (if we have them). Outside of our unhappy hours, will also open randomly whenever one of our profoundly unpleasant bartenders is feeling malicious.
Adventure-VilleOur camp will offer a haunted house to explore at night and fire art to enjoy. Our sister project, The Anomaly/Kid Disco, be an audio/visual lounge to enjoy a beverage with friends.
Yes, And... PizzaYes, And... Pizza returns! Decorated and welcoming shaded lounge with hecklings, compliments, and conversation...andpizza for friends!
Peach TherapyCome into the lounge for shelter. Stay for the mind body and soul healing.
Daft Campdaft, d-d-d-daft, DAFT CAMP. DAAAFffTTT DAAAFFT, DAFT. Daft Camp is home to the Museum of Folly. It is also the place to let your wildest stupidities become reality. Now featuring the T.M.S. Lemon Surprise, the next evolution in art car.
Camp ApricumA comedic and sexual innuendo-ridden fruit-themed bar. We promote prosocial interactions for inclusion of YOUtopia veterans and newbies alike.
Introverts BarDrop off your boisterous friends at our Extrovert Daycare and relax in a space created with the introvert in mind! Amenities include beverages and an Energy Charge Station. Check out the Intimate Connection Portal - where the curious introvert can go to make a very special type of physical connection ... but without any of that challenging eye contact.
Shenanigan HuntersMixing beats, booties, and bevvies with all the shenanigans you can handle.
Pickletini'sWanna get rid of that hangover? Feeling Dehydrated? Feeling like your body's run down and can't burn another night? Come get pickled at pickletini bar! Serving up all the briny goodness your body needs to keep your burn salty.
Kangeroo Krew's Akoustic KanoodleCome join the Kangaroo Krew's Akoustic Kanoodle for a cuddle puddle, acoustic crooning and Mama's sangria! Sing-a-long or pick up an instrument to serenade your new family.
Black Rock CommuneBlack Rock Commune provides a welcoming space for all you dusty people hungry for meaningful change, to commune after a full day of adventure and explore the possibilities within. Comfy cushions allow to kick back and a giant shadow lamp illuminates the dome structure, setting the atmosphere to connect with our deepest desires and with each other.
Bitches CouchHey Bitch! Decorate your body at the Primp Station, enjoy a drink and real talk on the couch with your friends. Bitches for life!
MasteraverbaiterPretty lights and comfy puddle for you.
SMELL the loveA place for people to relax with quality beverages for all of our friends and camp mates! We give free hugs!
Shoot Your LifeShoot bowling ball using a trebuchet (ONLY under under Supervision).
Hijinx Family PicnicHijinx Family Picnic is the best place to relax, enjoy some booty-shaking beats and sip some non-alcoholic favorites with friends. Long-exposure photography late night.
Xara Sports League (XSL)Come get spooky in the XSL Spookeasy! Scary beverages for all of our friends starting at 3pm daily (except Sunday). Drunkaoke late nite Friday and Saturday! Also, be on the lookout for the mobile drunkaoke machine taking the show on the road!
KiddiNg / PlovKraftWe will be gifting an atmosphere, entertainment and creative education for kids and restful time for their parents around the clock during YOUtopia. We will have construction pipes and blocks building games, ball pit with balls and hoops, stuffed animals and pillows for adults to rest on, while kids are playing. We will have music, lights, fire pit, propane fire, laser lights in the dark time. We will cook plov and serve it up to our campmates and friends.
Bad VibrationsBad vibrations is a tingle in your rib cage. It’s spirits and villains. It’s an evil reiki. Or it’s off-tune singing through a tinny shower head microphone.
Visions eerie, otherworldly, ominous, or trippy. Think about getting a chill on the back of your neck. Ouija boards, drippy wax candles, eyeballs in jars. Jamesian tales. An English village or ancient town in Sweden. The discovery of an old book that unlocks the wrath of a supernatural menace from beyond the grave.
PG Squirt HousePG Squirt House will get you going and ready for another wonderful night at YOUtopia!  Our friends and campmates have choices of spirits or water to minglewith your squirts of flavor containing caffeine, electrolytes (or nothing if you want be boring). Besides drinks PG Squirt House is a place to lounge, listen to upbeat house music, and make new friends!
Color TherapyCome visit the Color Wheel for a great photo op night or day! New Culture info sessions in the afternoons.
The Giving TreeThe most interactive willow tree you have ever played around. Climb up to take in the great views a top the highest tree house on wheels and enjoy the relaxing hammocks that hang near the base of the willows. Feel your roots as you ground to the music!
Boots and Cats loungeWe will have a heat lounge with with tea and soup for friends and camp mates.
WonderlandWonderland shares interactive activities, demos and beverages to inspire friends to wonder about our world together!
Pink HeartA sexy, silly, sacred container for connection.
Namaste & ChillWe are a compassionate community creating deeper connections between ourselves and the world. Our sacred space combines beauty with peace, and invites gentle relaxation.  Daily meditations at 10 a.m. Our sacred space/meditation lounge is open all day everyday.
Tiki FuckosWe are your island oasis of Fuckos! We love lively conversation, good drinks, and welcoming new people to our family.
Kangaroo CourtJury Duty Has Called and You Must Attend. An Uncivil Court Room to Assist With All Your Civil Needs.
Pretty Titty MafiaPretty Titty Mafia - or Bust! Wondering what happens to Punkins after midnight? We're also home to The Punkin Project!
The Bojangle TangleThe Bojangle Tangle Sound Camp featuring the Fish Food Bar
NightcrawlersA curious exhibit of traditional Japanese art, but things are not always what they seem...
Camp To Be Continued...CTBC... is a safe space for dinosaur lovers, shirt cockers, and artists of limited talent and repute. Come draw with crayons or finger paint and tell your mom you're an artist now.
Camp -Party of 3Camp- Party of 3 will be offering interactive pewter casting workshops so all BOOtopians can create a one of a kind masterpiece.
The Octaziigon (brought to you by) Golden Guy AlleyThe Octaziigon, an octagonal, Moroccan Pagoda Bar.
The Jojoba CollectiveThe Jojoba Collective is a merry gang of musicians, artists, and pranksters who cultivate expressive, interactive experiences that would turn the most hesitant spectator into a participant. Come experience a sonic journey in all directions inside our ambisonic dome featuring 360 degrees of spherically spatialized audio.  Soundbaths and Yoga: TBD with times available on chalkboard.
DangertownCome get your danger on at Camp Dangertown! Our camp living room is out front near our interactive art pieces, and our campers will talk to or play with people who stop by. 
Crude-n-Mutant CampHeading to Southern California from the dust bowl at TTITD, this will be the home for XUZA art car! We will also be able to help out and repair bikes, mutants etc. will have all the tools, welders, plasma cutters etc. Justin Case it's needed :-) 
WRECKEDArt Loving Wedding Gown Couture Camp
AlterYOUrVision 3D Blacklight ExperienceThis eye-popping 3D blacklight environment will be an exciting experience after dark, as well as an event space during the day for programming such as tea ceremonies, drum circles, sound baths, yoga and talks/workshops. We'll also be parading around the "city" together as a blacklight-illuminated troupe of walking artwork.
Chez CheeseChez Cheese! specializing in couture beverages, non-alcoholic & alcoholic, herbal & rooty, constructed from the successes and--perhaps more importantly--missteps of our own personal pursuit of the perfect drink.  And grilled cheese. Because...cheese!
Flaming FlamingosDrinking camp with a Fire Art Problem.
The AnomalyLive Rock Music Sound Camp
Camp CoLabSan Diego's Community Build Space Goes to YOUtopia!