YOUtopia Policy

Culture of Consent

We Take Consent Seriously!

Consent means asking for permission before taking actions that impact other people.
Quite often, when we talk about consent, we’re talking about sexual behaviors and scenarios.

However, Consent Culture also includes, but is not limited to:

  • Telling people about what’s in food or drinks so they can make informed decisions about consumption
  • Not writing on someone else’s art unless it is clear that was the artist’s intention
  • Asking before misting someone
  • Obtaining an explicit “yes” before spanking that booty
  • Asking before touching
  • Respecting a “no” and giving people space if they don’t reciprocate
  • Allowing people to opt out of pranks
  • Asking before taking photos


Also remember that a person's age, sobriety, and state of mind impact their ability to consent.

People’s ability to feel safe and free to express themselves without fear of their boundaries being violated is an important part of what makes YOUtopia special, a “temporary autonomous zone.” More on that later, but first: